"Agah began his music career by co-founding Iran's first official heavy metal band, Exir, in 2002 and performing five sold-out shows at Tehran Art University. The performances included two of Agah's original compositions, as well as the first-ever public performances of songs by Metallica, Megadeth, and Dream Theater.  Soon after, Agah co-founded his second instrumental rock band, DNA, and performed eight of his original compositions at four charity shows at Tehran's Mahak hospital for children with cancer. As an icon in Iran's underground music scene, Agah's music was first recognized publicly and soon after criminalized by the Islamic government of Iran's Supreme Judiciary Court and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in 2006, due to its "Western influences" which deemed "corrupting to the revolutionary youth". Despite government persecution in Iran, Agah's talents took him across the world, first to Canada and then to the United States, where he resides today.


Since leaving Iran, Agah has collaborated with some of the greatest names in the music industry as guitar player/composer/producer. He was a voting member of The Recording Academy for the GRAMMY Awards from 2012 to 2017, and a former voting member and judge for CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) for the JUNO Awards.


Temporary Altered State of  Consciousness (2019)
Artists: Agah Bahari and Pas Musique
Trace Elements (2017)
Various Artists
Ritual-Pop (2016)
Artist: Agah Bahari
Zistan [EP] (2012)
Artist: Ensaan
The Second Sight of a Mind (2008)
Artist: Agah Bahari
An Efficient Dream [EP] (2017)
Artist: Agah Bahari
IMP Soundtrack (2015)
Director: Brad McDermott
Second Thoughts (2009)
Artist: OSV
Meera (2006)
Artist: Meera
2002 - 2008 
(Tehran, Iran - Toronto, Canada)
The Second Sight of  a Mind
2008 (Toronto, Canada)
Ensemble Fatwa @ Museum of Sex
2011 (Manhattan, NY, USA)
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